Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect with your 60 min Energy Reading?

I start all my 60 min readings off with a quick card read after discussing what you are currently working on in your life. It will give me a general idea of what we will be talking about and healing in your session.

We will then open up the session with a Rose Reading, which is based in the training I received at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. A Rose Reading is a technique used to read your energy field after you share your full name with me three times (which gives me spiritual permission to psychically look at you).

When you say your name, a rose starts to form in my psychic vision representing you as a Spirit, metaphorically. The bud of the rose represents your current growth cycle and the stem represents how you run earth energies in your body, as well as how you are currently grounding your energies. I will be looking at the colors also associated with your rose as they will also indicate different metaphorical meanings for you.

We will discuss what I see in your growth period, how far along you are in your current cycle and any other energies that may be present and showing themselves in the session.
After that portion, I then offer the opportunity for you to ask particular questions. They can be about people, your career, relationships, where to move,  etc. It’s really up to you. However the more detailed you can be, the better I can narrow the psychic focus so you can get the absolute clarity needed.

After the rose has been read and the questions answered, I end your session with a final energy healing. I work with cleansing, balancing and healing the chakras, your overall aura; and sometimes removing energy cords and updating spiritual contracts, as an example.

Each person is so unique that each session has it’s own flow. I have a general guideline I follow yet if the reading ends up going in a certain direction that I feel guided by, I follow where your flow takes us too. I trust that when we’re in session, it’s completely perfect how it unfolds as it’s particular to your needs.

What can I expect with your 30 min Energy Reading?

The 30 min session is a shorter version of the 60 min one, where we skip the card read and jump right into a quick Rose Reading. I will look at your current growth period and give you insight, then follow up with a question or two of your liking. As mentioned in the longer reading, I will also end your session with a quick energy healing to send you off rejuvenated!
Please read the explanation for the 60 min Energy Reading if you want more information on how the Rose Reading flows.

How do I know if I need a 30 or 60 min Energy Reading?

I suggest the 60 min Energy Reading if you are in a big transition or you have more things you would like to cover. It’s a great way to get all the validation you need and the time to ask more questions, as well as discuss your process in a deeper way.
If you are in a point in your life where you have one burning question (or two!) the 30 min session is perfect. This is also good if you’re seeking a simple energetic “check up” to see how you’re doing.

What can I expect in a Passed On Loved Ones session?

Similar to the Rose Reading, I will connect with you psychically in the format I explained and then call in whom you wish to speak with. We can then introduce the questions you wish to ask, yet normally when they come in they have a LOT to say!
I can also do this session simply by looking at a photograph of the person (that you would provide) and channeling the messages as they come through. Either way works yet I do find that with this method I can connect much more quickly.
These sessions are always so special to do. It’s such an honor to speak with those that have passed away and hear what they have to share as it’s usually pretty profound, enlightening and of course, healing.

My take on “predicting the future”

I find that when I offer and personally receive energy readings that they are very validating. Most times you will be hearing things you already know and that’s what you need -- reassurance. Sometimes that  is the biggest healer.
When getting information on a possible future outcome, it can be helpful to get the information to see if you would like to proceed or change course. It’s all up to you at the end of the day and the information is there for you to do with it as you will.

What does the word “psychic” mean?

I believe the word psychic means “seeing truth”.
I also believe that we are ALL born psychic yet as we grow and belief systems become ingrained in us we can forget this power. However, with a little training, focus and being reminded of how psychic you are on a daily basis, this part of ourselves can reawaken.

Where I can I learn to do what you do?

If you live in the Bay Area, I have many places for you that I recommend to take classes.  If you would like more information on that, please feel free to email me at

I also recommend this book for those of you who want to learn how to use psychic tools, heal your energy field and play in the realm of psychic energy healing in general. The book is called “Basic Psychic Development” and you can get it on

We also live in a day and age where so much support is available to us online, through books and teachers. If you just search “psychic training” online so much comes up. Trust where you are guided and the next step will find you.

Best of luck to your psychic adventures!


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