Transforming Lives Through Intuition &
The Power of Sound

I empower individuals with the tools to heal their inner world, enabling them to craft a new, joyful, and more fulfilling life.

Welcome to Grove Circle Healing

I'm Chris Young-Ginzburg, and with over 20 years of experience as a professional clairvoyant, coach, and sound healer, I love blending my expertise into the services I offer.

Through my Intuitive Coaching services, I assist individuals in unlocking their body's innate capacity for healing and guide them in honing their own clairvoyant and intuitive skills for life transformation.  

Additionally, I teach individuals to express themselves through movement, sound, and voice activation in my workshops and classes, and I offer sound healing experiences for groups, corporations and retreats.

Services I Offer

A few different packages to empower your whole being.

Intuitive Coaching

Elevate your life with personalized intuitive coaching, guiding you to unlock your inner wisdom and navigate life's challenges with clarity and empowerment.

Sound Healing

Experience deep relaxation, emotional release, and inner balance with my transformative sound healing services, utilizing instruments and vocal harmonics, attuned to heal the body, mind, and spirit.

Sound & Voice Activation Class

Experience a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment through sound healing exercises, vocal toning, and meditation in my Sound & Voice Activation class.

“Chris is an amazing healer and a wonderful person. She is very empathetic, approachable, and has an incredible way to connect with people. She not only has worked on my energy but also has coached me to turn my life from a dead-end rut to a more exciting and focused to the "present" one. ”
Nancy L.

Intuitive Coaching

Live a life of creative expression, fulfillment and joy!

Whether you're seeking clarity on your life path, guidance in relationships, or simply looking to cultivate a deeper connection with yourself, all my different coaching services provide a safe space for exploration and growth. Through intuitive insights, practical strategies, and compassionate support, I look to empower you to unlock your true potential and live a life aligned with your authentic self. 

Sound Healing

Elevate your spirit and body with the healing melodies of sound.

Dive into a transformative journey of healing and relaxation with sound healing. Using vocal song and harmonics, crystal sound bowls, gongs, and more, I guide you into a state of soothing calmness, promoting deep relaxation, stress relief, and emotional balance. Whether you're seeking relief from stress and anxiety, improved sleep, or simply a moment of tranquility, my experiences offer an enlivening approach to well-being suitable for individuals of all backgrounds, ages and levels of experience.

Sound & Voice Activation Class

Unleash your voice as a catalyst for personal growth and empowerment!

Experience the transformative power of Sound and Voice Activation! Through a unique blend of sound healing exercises and tools, vocal toning, body movement and meditation, I guide you on a journey to unleash your creativity and embrace your authentic voice with confidence. Experience this in a class setting or through personal one on one coaching.

Upcoming Events

Exciting opportunities for growth, healing and exploration.
April 25th, 2024
Soft Medicine Sanctuary, Sebastopol

My Upcoming Class!

My Sound & Voice Activation class on April 25th delves into the transformative connection between sound, voice, and movement. This experience encourages participants to explore their voices' ability to physically move them through dance, toning, singing, and group exercises, aiming for self-discovery and empowerment while utilizing sound equipment such as singing bowls and drumming to enhance the immersive experience.

QiGong, Sound Healing
April 28th, 2024, 2:15PM
Sebastopol, CA

Tao Tantric QiGong, Sound Healing & Spinal Energetics

Explore the transformative powers of sound healing and Tao Tantric Qigong at Serpentine Sacred Sound Healing & Attunement on Sunday, April 28th, from 2:15-3:45 PM.

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