Sound Healer, Intuitive Guidance, and Spiritual Teacher.

Heal your inner world and create an empowered life.


I offer many forms of personal growth and self healing.

Intuitive Guidance 1x1 Appointments

Would you like to book an Intuitive Guidance session with me?

I have 20 years experience as a practicing Clairvoyant healer. I offer 30, 60 and 90 min sessions.

Sound Healing and
On-Line Classes

Learn more about what I am currently offering both on-line and in-person.

I offer Sound Healing, spiritual workshops and even music events.

New Psychic Meditation Course

Empowering The Artist


If you are an artist that’s ready to get to the next level both professionally and personally, I have created a transformative course using psychic meditation tools to help you get to where you want to be!

What clients say

“Chris changed my life. With enthusiasm, zest and epic detail, she removed obstacles that were hindering me and created a bubble of protection from those that were diminishing my true spirit.”

J. Andrews

Upcoming Online Course

Empowering The Artist

Coming In 2023!

New Psychic Meditation Course - empowering the artist

Calling ALL Artists!

I have been a professional dancer, actor, and overall entertainer (and currently a DJ) since 2002. I have also been a practicing psychic with training at the Berkeley Psychic Institute since 2004. I have been offering readings and classes since 2004 and still use psychic tools to this day because they are so transformative both personally and professionally.

Psychic tools are a way of perceiving information using specific visualization techniques in a meditative state. You can practice changing your energy by becoming an observer of whatever it is you are “seeing”, which can create clarity, healing, and deep transformation.

I use psychic tools to help me with my artistic endeavors on many levels. I use them for inspiration, focus, and insight, especially when I feel hindered from moving forward with what I want to create or am currently creating.

I am offering you a unique opportunity to bring you and your art to the next level in this course. It is my hope and intention that when you practice the tools and exercises I'll be sharing, no matter what’s happening in your environment, you can stay focused on where you are headed.

So if you’re ready to take your inner world into an outer experience of intuitive creativity using your psychic senses and abilities, I invite you to take this course!

The next round of this course is coming in 2023. Please visit my "sign up" button to the top right of this text to get a peek at what this Thinkific course entails.

Course Details

Suggested 6 Week Progression
Start Date:
Coming soon!
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Transform your inner and outer world with like-minded artists.


Breakthrough limitations

Get to the heart of why you haven't been able to move past the limitations that hold you back and use psychic tools to release them - for good!

Develop your psychic abilities

Enhance your intuitive capabilities (like clairvoyance or clairaudience, as examples), and learn techniques on how to "see" energies once unknown to you.

Take your art and yourself to the next level

Learn a practice to keep you focused on where you are headed and the integrative tools to do the action steps to keep you moving forward in a focused way.

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