1:1 Intuitive Coaching

What is an Intuitive Coach?

*Do you struggle to trust your intuition or sensitivities?

*Are you looking to reawaken psychic abilities that have been suppressed?

*Are you dealing with a dis-ease or facing challenges with personal boundaries and expressing your voice?

These are one of the many ways I can help!

In my Intuitive Coaching services, I offer personalized support to help you navigate life's challenges, clarify your goals, and unlock your full potential. With a holistic approach that integrates intuitive insights (both yours and mine), practical strategies, and compassionate guidance, I empower you to overcome obstacles, cultivate self-awareness, and create meaningful change in your life.

At the heart of my work, I am dedicated to teaching you how to fine-tune your own intuitive skills and innate healing abilities, backed by over 20 years of experience as a professional clairvoyant, holistic health coach and energy healer to create real, lasting change in your life.

Intuitive Coaching

Join me on a transformative journey to enhance and enrich your life.

Personal Empowerment

Learn to tap into your inner strength to gain confidence, cultivating a powerful sense of self-empowerment.

Enhanced Intuition

You will learn powerful psychic tools designed for self-healing and gaining personal insights into past and current issues, leading you towards a state of greater empowerment, clarity, and overall healing.

Stress Reduction and Emotional Balance

Through techniques I share and teach you, like guided meditation, you will gain tools to manage stress effectively and achieve emotional equilibrium.

Creative Awakening

Unleash your creative potential (known and unknown), discovering new ways to express yourself artistically and personally.

Holistic Health Improvement

Understand and integrate the connection between mind, body, and spirit for overall health and wellness, especially beneficial for those recovering from illness.

Personalized Growth and Learning

Benefit from a coaching approach tailored to your unique needs and goals, fostering personal growth and lifelong learning.

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“Chris always uses her gifts to help guide me and always reminds me that I have options and that there's not one answer or path. She's helped me make important decisions.”
Arielle M.
the SPACE i hold

I maintain a coaching space that fosters growth, reflection, and insight.

Experience a holistic approach to personal development that integrates psychic training and coaching expertise to address physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

In my 1:1 coaching sessions, I incorporate guided meditation exercises, as well as vocal processing, to help individuals go within, awaken their own truth, and tap into their personal insights. Acting as their guide, I facilitate a process that allows them to tune into their innate intuitive abilities for self-healing and reflection.

We will also have dedicated time to process intentions before and after the meditation. Additionally, I provide homePLAY (not homework) to integrate what comes through.

I've observed that infusing elements of "play" into the journey opens up avenues for exploration and keeps the atmosphere light, providing ample room for joy to unfold. So when you're working with me get ready to giggle and smile more as I hold the explorative container of healing and play.

Coaching Packages

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey - begin today and let the adventure unfold!
Shatter limitations and welcome a fresh start

Life Coaching

Within my life coaching package, I offer personalized guidance and support, incorporating guided meditation to empower clients in their journey towards holistic well-being and personal growth. Through a combination of intuitive insights, practical strategies, and guided meditation, I help individuals navigate life's challenges, clarify their goals, and unlock their full potential.

  • $222/session
  • $1110/Package of 6 sessions ($222 savings)
Unlock your psychic potential

Intuitive Mastery

In the 'Intuitive Mastery' coaching package, with my 20+ yr. expertise as a professional clairvoyant, I guide clients through the art of sharpening their clairvoyant and intuitive abilities using powerful psychic meditation tools. This unique approach is designed to help individuals tap into and expand their innate psychic skills, offering a transformative journey towards self-discovery and enhanced intuitive awareness.

  • $260/session
  • $1300 Package of 6 sessions ($260 savings)

Transform your struggle into strength

Body Wellness

Body Wellness is tailored for individuals navigating illness, injury, or other physical challenges, providing a compassionate and targeted approach to healing and enhanced well-being. Through personalized guidance and support, this package offers a pathway to recovery, empowering clients to reclaim vitality and achieve optimal health.

  • $240/session
  • $1200 Package of 6 sessions ($240 savings)

Enhance your vocal expression and capability

Activate Your Voice Coaching

In my Voice Activation coaching package, I assist clients in unlocking the transformative power of their voice through a unique blend of sound healing exercises, vocal toning, singing, and guided meditation. Through tailored sessions, clients embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, exploring the depths of their vocal expression and reclaiming their inherent power.

  • $222/session
  • $1,110/Package of 6 sessions ($222 Savings)

I've guided clients in navigating through..

Career Shifts

Grief & Loss

Trauma Recovery

Life Transition Guidance

Anxiety Management

Personal Empowerment & Enhanced Intuition

Stress Reduction

Relationship Challenges

Career Shifts

Psychic Awakening

What Clients Say

Chris always uses her gift to help guide me and always reminds me that I have options and that there's not one answer or path. She shows me the different paths and that really has helped me make important decisions. Every reading I've had, Chris hits the nail on the head and describes me and the people in my life to a tee. She is 10 therapy sessions wrapped up in to an hour. I really cannot recommend her enough.
Arielle M.
I've been doing sessions with Chris for many years now. She has done some amazing healing work of past live trauma for me as well as given me great insight into how I can move towards my goals in a healthy and positive way. I've also taken her Empowering the Artist course and I have to say it's been a game changer for me. She has been so good at giving me just the right kind of information needed at the right time to help me help myself in the best ways that I can. She's also funny, kind and extremely perceptive which makes me always feel very comfortable talking to her about intimate details of my life. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for life guidance, trauma healing or tricks and tips on how to protect your own energy and boundaries. One of my favorite people to talk to!
I feel incredibly blessed to have had a session with Chris. She came highly recommended by a creative colleague and surpassed any expectations I could have had. I came in a period of great transition thus my reading was intense and highly vibrational. Chris' calming and relatable personality helped to soothe the intensity making the information easily absorbable.
Nathan H.
Wow- Not sure I can even put into words what this experience meant to me... Firstly, I want to say that Chris is truly one of the most genuine, kind, beautiful souls I've ever met. She has the ability to put you completely at ease from the moment you meet her. She made me feel so safe, understood & held. As far as her abilities- this woman is legit, the real deal!!! I felt stronger, confident & optimistic! I had a better understanding of my situation & those involved & just felt more clear & supported than I thought possible. I cannot say enough about how wonderful Chris' work is... I highly, HIGHLY recommend her services! Thank you so much, Chris!
Sarah I.

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