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About me

I have been a practicing Clairvoyant since 2003 with training at the Berkeley Psychic Institute in California. I also attended bodywork school from 2006-2009 at The World School of Massage in San Francisco where I learned additional energy work modalities as well as a Holistic Health Program where I became a life coach.

I began my own healing practice from there. I had a successful business from 2008 to 2011 as an energy healer (Vibrational Healing Massage, for example) working with clients that had deep traumas and disease, supporting their emotional health, spiritual life, and helping them with great transformations. Some of the work I was offering was so successful that it was published in a book and one of the stories of transformation was shared in a healing documentary by Hay House publishing.

On a more personal level, in 2014 I embarked on a deep 3 year journey working with plant medicine which opened me up to working with my voice through sound, taking my healing abilities to a whole new level. I began to channel medicine songs in meditation and started working with many different sound healing instruments.

With my Sound Healing experiences, I offer a wide variety of sound equipment to provide an empowering, deep, and relaxing experience for those who participate. Each song that comes through is unique unto itself and catered to the group or individual who is receiving the healing, providing a unique and very personal experience.

Today my current focus is on teaching psychic meditation tools for self-healing, offering intuitive guidance readings, and also sharing Sound Healing experiences.

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