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Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with my two unique offerings.

My courses are designed to bring intuitive insights and practical tools right to your fingertips, no matter where you are in the world. 'The Body's Wisdom' invites you to explore the innate wisdom of your body, fostering holistic well-being and self-awareness. Meanwhile, 'Empowering The Artist' empowers you to unleash your creativity and embrace your artistic expression with confidence using psychic meditation tools.

Through engaging content, guided exercises, and supportive community, my courses provide a space for growth, inspiration, and transformation.

“Working with Chris to develop my psychic tools has helped me evolve my soul. She’s helped me shatter my darkest fears and step into my light.  I am extremely grateful and so happy to be where I am now with her guidance and support. ”
Sasha H.

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Grove Circle Membership

If you're looking to work with me affordably, I have the perfect option! Online classes (live & archived) in a group setting, sound healing, prayer circles for those in need, coaching documents for a deeper dive and more. First class starts July 26th, 2024.

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The Body's Wisdom

Explore your inner landscape to unlock the body's innate healing intelligence with meditation tools, breath work and more.

“Chris gave me tools and exercises that will help me on my healing journey moving forward. She is a great teacher, who makes the class comfortable and a safe space to be vulnerable. She also doesn't skip out on the fun either!”.
Online Class

Empowering the Artist: Psychic Meditation Course

Empower your life and become the artist you know you were meant to be! A unique experience using psychic meditation tools to break through limitations, focus your artistic vision and open your heart to more of what life has to offer you.

"Being a part of the Empowered Artist group and course has inspired me to believe in myself and keep on creating as an artist."