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An intuitive energy reading is a beautiful way to be validated as a spirit in human form and to get an overall insightful look at what’s currently happening in your life.

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What to expect in a session

We will start off with a prayer to align our energies and then I will speak with your Higher Self to get insight on what I call the “3 bullet points”. The 3 bullet points allow your Higher Self to share what you are currently working on as a focus and I will give you feedback on what comes through.

We will then move into the format of training I received at the Berkeley Psychic Institute called a “Rose Reading”.

The Rose Reading is a format where I look at you psychically with more detail. The rose is a metaphorical psychic picture of what I psychically see you’re currently working on (I will explain this before the reading and on a consultation call). I will give you feedback and healing on what I see.

To finalize the session there will be an opportunity for you to ask approximately 3 questions (depending on what comes up) and then we will end the session with a full energetic healing where I will work on your energy centers (chakras), auric field and perform any other healing we discussed in your session.

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What clients say

“Chris always “blew my mind” with the accuracy and timeliness of her messages.”
J. Karpowickz

How to book a session

1. Book a Free Consultation

If you are a new client and ready to book your first session, I like to start off by having a consultation call so we can assess your needs. Message me below to get started.

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2. Pay For Your Appointment

When we have booked your appointment, click the link below to pay for your session. This is a requirement before our session starts.

Venmo: @Fluidgirl

3. Release Form

For all new clients, I will need you to fill out this form and send it back to me before our appointment begins. This is a requirement before our session starts.

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For policies regarding changing, canceling, or rescheduling your appointment visit here.

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