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What is Sound Healing?

With the intention of healing using certain instruments (crystal sound bowls, shamanic drumming, etc.), Sound Healing is a gentle way of bringing subtle yet profound healing to the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Sound Healing can balance the energy system, bring forth ease, and in some cases, a sense of lightness.

It is also known to reduce stress and anxiety, promoting a new sense of joy, balance, and overall well-being.


  • Reduces tension, anxiety and stress
  • Helps control chronic pain
  • Boosts the immune system and balances the energy center (chakras)
  • Creates a sense of connectedness with self and others
  • Helps us experience being in resonance with the natural rhythms of life
  • Releases negative feelings, blockages and emotional trauma

What to expect during a Sound Healing session with me

When I am working with groups, a specific intention will be set so the frequencies can target whatever is needed.

I will start off with an intentional prayer to set the tone and will then guide the group into a mediative state to prepare the body to receive what the sound healing will be offering.

Something unique about what I offer is channeled medicine songs. I have been a practicing clairvoyant for years so I am able to tap in and convey specific healing messages for the group.

The medicine songs that come through are not planned. Sometimes they are just tones or literal messages or stories. They are particular for the group I am working with and unique for whoever is there. Each group is different as the songs and sounds change because the group’s energy changes. So, in essence, you get a unique experience each time! Some people have reported getting visions and impressions of times passed or events to come, as well as passed on loved ones coming through.

Overall it can be a beautiful way to connect with Spirit and heal yourself in ways you may have not even known.

What clients say

“Chris’ Sound Healing was truly incredible for me. I absolutely loved her singing and drumming. I had a lot of visualizations and my energy just felt so wonderful since leaving.”
S. Hotaling

On-line events

*COMING SOON* Empowering The Artist: Psychic Meditation Course

This Thinkific course is designed to help all types of artists overcome personal limitations using psychic meditation tools to empower themselves.

This course was a big success in May of 2022!

Stay tuned for the online course to come.

“Let’s Get Spiritual” Live Talks

I have a Twitch channel where I share live DJ sets, sound healing and spiritual talks.I host a once a month talk on specific spiritual and holistic topics called, “Let’s Get Spiritual”. If you want to know when I become live, follow me on Twitch!


Coming soon. Stay tuned!

Upcoming in-person events

Sound Healing in Cloverdale

This is my upcoming in-person sound healing I’ll be offering in Northern California.

Healthy Haven Wellness in Cloverdale. Date to come!

Book an event with me

If you would like to book a small (10-20) or big (20+) group for Sound Healing, please send me a message here to discuss your needs and to talk over the rates.

I offer Sound Healing for children (in schools as well), corporate events and personal gatherings (birthdays, parties, ceremonies, etc.).

Email me:

Images of past events

2022 Sound Healing, Youth Annex, Sebastopol, CA

2022 Sound Healing, Sirens Center, Sebastopol, CA

2022 Sound Healing, Private event, Santa Rosa, CA

2022 Sound Healing, Sirens Center, Sebastopol, CA

2022 Sound Healing, YogaFlow San Francisco, CA

2022 Sound Healing, YogaFlow San Francisco, CA

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